People and the Urban Environment

People and the Urban Environment

Smart technologies increase safety in the metropolis, advanced assistive and information technologies help to support and maintain a high quality of life and healthy lifestyle in the long term. Sensor data contributes to the improvement of the environment. Digitalization and modern technologies enable the city to use appropriate methods of public participation.

Number of City Applications Users

The aim of the Moje Praha mobile app is to make it easier for all citizens to find their way around the city. The app offers essential information from the public space, parking zones and the possibility of paying for parking, traffic information, cultural news, but of course also contacts and opening times of offices and other practical information. The Změň app is a unified place that offers users the possibility to send suggestions and proposals to the staff of the Prague City Hall and its subordinate organisations with ideas or recommendations for change.

Sources: Operátor ICT, Plc.

Number of Filed Stimuli and Suggestions

The graph tracks the number of suggestions and proposals submitted using the Změ a Mám nápad apps. Last year, there was a decrease in Mám nápad proposals due to the hackathon Nakopni Prahu, which has a larger media reach.

Sources: Operátor ICT, Plc.

Number and Extent of Urban Greens with Smart Solution

Advanced and sensor technologies are gradually being implemented in the field of green management in Prague. With the help of sensor data, which administrators can further work with, or directly with the help of automated systems, technologies contribute to the improvement of the environment. In the past year, there has been a significant expansion of sensors within urban green spaces.

Sources: Municipalities of The Capital City of Prague

Smart city and intelligent street furniture

The chart describes the number of intelligent pieces of street furniture in the city, including the breakdown into its individual types. Currently, these include smart streetlights, smart bins, cameras within the city's CCTV system and sensors and stations measuring the state of the environment.

Sources: Municipalities of The Capital City of Prague, Operátor ICT, Plc., PRE, Technologies of The Capital City of Prague, Plc.

Participation Financial Means

The graph tracks the total amount of financial resources for the participatory budget made available by each Prague municipality. Last year, there was a slight increase in the allocated funds.

Sources: Municipalities of The Capital City of Prague

Smart Prague Index year book

Smart Prague Index

yearbook 2022

Since 2017 the city company Operátor ICT, Plc. Has been publishing the Smart Prague Index yearbook annually. By particular measurable indicators and yearly evaluation, it analysis Prague’s development follows up on trends, encapsulates the capital city successes and is a valuable source of its further development.

*All of the data used in the Smart Prague Index come from individual city organisations, Prague city districts and other partners who are responsible for their accuracy.