Data Area

Data Area

The day-to-day operation of the city creates a big amount of various data – from immediate information, for instance about current MHD vehicles, up to long-term timelines. The task of the Data Platform Golemio is to help Prague to use it and make a decision upon it.

Number of Golemio BI Outcomes

Prague, municipalities, and city companies’ representatives can get acquainted with the outcomes from the Data platform Golemio through the Golemio BI application, which at one spot gathers many outcomes as dashboards, map applications, analysis, or data exports.

Sources: Data platform Golemio

Number of Golemio Open API Users

Via the Open API data from the Data platform Golemio are being provided to developers and analysts to be used in their projects, say web portals or mobile applications.

Sources: Data platform Golemio

Prague City Data Congress

The Data platform Golemio hosts a regular congress about data usage in cities. Amidst speakers are many famous people from The Czech Republic as well as from the whole world. In the year 2020, congress moved to a solely online environment.

Sources: Data platform Golemio

Smart Prague Index year book

Smart Prague Index

yearbook 2022

Since 2017 the city company Operátor ICT, Plc. Has been publishing the Smart Prague Index yearbook annually. By particular measurable indicators and yearly evaluation, it analysis Prague’s development follows up on trends, encapsulates the capital city successes and is a valuable source of its further development.

*All of the data used in the Smart Prague Index come from individual city organisations, Prague city districts and other partners who are responsible for their accuracy.