Attractive Tourism

Attractive Tourism

Innovative technology and reliable data create an optimal basis for quality services in the tourism industry of the future. Their use will facilitate visitors' stay in the city, make monuments more accessible, enhance experiences and generally make the time spent in the capital more pleasant.

Prague Visitors Feedback

The graph focuses on the number of interactions with visitors to Prague via individual communication channels and tracks the number of feedback. The feedback from visitors to the city provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of the tourism organisation in the capital and also provides suggestions for further development of the services offered.

Sources: Prague City Tourism, Plc.

Tourism Productivity

The graph aims to approximate the productivity of tourism and uses indicators related to tourism spending, with a breakdown between spending by foreign visitors and spending by domestic visitors (tourists from the Czech Republic). From these indicators it is possible to derive, for example, the ratio of productivity of both groups of tourists to the total result. The data are presented in the format available so far - they serve to give an idea of the productivity of tourism, of which Prague has a significant share (according to a qualified estimate of the Czech Statistical Office more than 30%, the data for individual regions are not quantified).

Sources: Czech Statistical Office; data are published one year back

Number of Prague Visitors

The graph tracks the total number of visitors to the capital city of Prague, distinguishing between domestic and foreign visitors. The graph presents these values in the context of the number of overnight stays of both groups of guests. The value of the total number of overnight stays is based on available statistical data from mass accommodation establishments in the capital city of Prague.

Sources: Czech Statistical Office

Accommodation Capacity

The graph compares the number of rooms in hotel-type accommodation (rooms in 5* to 1* hotels and garni hotels) and the number of rooms in other accommodation establishments ( B&Bs, campsites, cottage villages, tourist hostels and other collective accommodation establishments) and compares these figures with the number of beds in both groups of accommodation establishments for the given year.

Sources: Czech Statistical Office

Smart Prague Index year book

Smart Prague Index

yearbook 2022

Since 2017 the city company Operátor ICT, Plc. Has been publishing the Smart Prague Index yearbook annually. By particular measurable indicators and yearly evaluation, it analysis Prague’s development follows up on trends, encapsulates the capital city successes and is a valuable source of its further development.

*All of the data used in the Smart Prague Index come from individual city organisations, Prague city districts and other partners who are responsible for their accuracy.