Smart Prague Index

ACAlternating CurrentAlternating current, slow charging at electric vehicle charging stations
APIApplication Programming InterfaceInterfaces for applications and their programming
BB CentreBaarova-Brumlovka centre
BIBusiness Intelligence
CIMICities in Motion
CIIRCCzech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics
CNGCompressed Natural GasCompressed natural gas (methane). It is used as a fuel for powering motor vehicles and is considered a cleaner alternative to petrol and diesel.
CPSCyber-Physical-SystemA cyber-physical system is a computer system in which a mechanism is controlled or monitored by computer algorithms.
CZCzech Republic
CTUCzech Technical University in Prague
CHSCentralized Heat Supply
DCDirect CurrentDirect current, fast charging at electric vehicle charging stations
DPPPrague Public Transit Company
e-buse-busElectric bus. Also included are trolleybuses, which are otherwise regarded as railway vehicles under current legislation.
EVElectric vehicleVehicle with solely electric drive unit.
PVPhotovoltaic power plant
GPSGlobal Positioning SystemGlobal Positioning Satellite System
HDIHuman Development Index
GDPGross Domestic Product
TMCPThe Main Traffic Management CentreThe Main Traffic Management Centre provides central monitoring of the traffic situation and central coordinated traffic management and control in the city of Prague and provides verified real-time traffic information. The sources of these data are, for example, telematics devices, systems of the Police of the Czech Republic, the Fire Rescue Service and the Emergency Medical Service, and also the Central road closures record system. All information on the traffic situation is processed by the Control system of the Traffic management Centre, which reacts automatically to the traffic situation by invoking so-called traffic management scenarios. The individual steps of a scenario change the status of telematics devices to ensure the free flow of traffic.
hl. m. PrahaThe capital city of Prague
HMPThe capital city of Prague
GVAGross Value Added
IMDInternational Institute for Management Development
IoEInternet of EnergyA technological term that refers to the modernization and automation of electricity infrastructure for energy producers and processors. This allows energy production to proceed more efficiently and cleanly with the least amount of waste.
IoPInternet of PeopleThe Internet of People is  the digitalization of relationships between people and the collection, processing and application of personal data. It forms a network of collective intelligence and stimulates interactive communication among our digital selves through digital devices, the internet and sharing of data.
IoSInternet of ServicesIn the scope of the Internet of Services, everything needed to use software applications is available as a service on the Internet, including the software itself, the tools to develop it and the platform (servers, storage and communications) to operate it.
IoTInternet of Things
MSWMunicipal Solid Waste
KPIKey performance indicator
KtKilotonA thousand tons
LEDLight-Emitting Diode
MaaSMobility as a Service
CDCity District
MHDPublic transport
MHMPPrague City Hall
CCTV systemCity CCTV systemCity Closed-circuit television system
MRDMinistry of Regional Development
MWMegawattUnit of power
MWhMegawatt hourUnit of energy consumption
OCP MHMPEnvironmental Protection Department, Prague City Hall
OICTOperátor ICT, a s
P+RPark & RideParking lots located near public transport junctions, where the driver parks his vehicle and further continues into the city by public transport.
PCDCPrague City Data Congress
EPCEnergy performance certificateThe building Energy Performance Certificate is used to evaluate the energy performance of a building - it quantifies all the energy consumed in the standardised operation of the assessed building and (like an appliance energy label) classifies the building into the appropriate class in the range A-G. The label assesses all the energy required to operate the building, i.e. energy for heating, hot water, cooling, air handling through ventilation and air conditioning, and energy for lighting. The certificate can be processed for any building or part of a building.
PIDPrague Integrated Transport
PREdiPražská energetika distribuce, a sPrague Energy Distribution, plc.
PVKPražské vodovody a kanalizace, a sPrague Water Supply and Sewerage, plc.
PVPPrague Visitor Pass
QoLQuality of LifeQuality of life, according to Britannica, is the extent to which an individual is healthy, feels comfortable and is able to participate in or enjoy life events.
RESTRepresentational State TransferType of software architecture
ROPIDRegional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport
RPRegistration PlateVehicle registration plate
SDCollection yard
SIMSubscriber Identity ModuleSIM card
MMWMixed Municipal Waste
SMSShort message service
SOSSave Our SoulsThe most well-known international distress/emergency signal in Morse code.
SPSmart PragueStrategic framework for the redevelopment of the capital city in the spirit of the Smart Prague 2030 Concept.
SPISmart Prague Index
SSZLight-signalling devicesSystem of devices used for traffic management on roads. The signalling part of the system is called a traffic light.
Secondary School
SUMPSustainable Mobility Plan
SWAPSwapTo swap things or objects.
THMPTechnologie hlavního města Prahy, a sTechnology of the capital city of Prague, plc.
TSKTechnická správa komunikací hl m Prahy, a sTechnical administration of communications of the capital city of Prague, plc.
TWhTerawatt hour
ÚZISInstitute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic
PLPublic Lighting
Vehicle of category M1Vehicles for up to 8 persons (excluding the driver) with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons
Vehicle of category M2Vehicles for more than 8 persons (excluding the driver) with a total weight of up to 5 tons
Vehicle of category M3Vehicles for more than 8 persons (excluding the driver) with a total weight of more than 5 tons
Vehicle of category N1Trucks of total weight up to 3.5 tons
Wi-FiWireless FidelityWireless information transmission technology based on the IEEE 802.11 standard
ZEVOWaste to Energy Utilization FacilityIncinerator in Malešice, operated by Prague Services, plc.
PoTBPoint of Take-Back
NGNatural Gas