Smart Prague Index

A yearbook mapping progress of the capital

Smart Prague Concept

Safe and resilient Prague

The Smart Prague Conception till The Year 2030 determines basic demands for new projects implementation. To be able to follow up on Smart Prague strategies fulfilling by adjusting the global Smart City Index a Smart Prague Index Methodology was created which serves as a tool for measuring a „complex smartness“ of Smart Prague projects. SPI maps the initial state, follows smartness development of Prague in time, monitors impacts and evaluates the success rate of already implemented projects from the point of view of the Conception, helps to identify weak points and to evaluate new attitudes towards problem-solving.

All smart city solutions should come out of five fundamental principles, meaning that the city is: Ecological, Innovative, Friendly and Motivating, Digitalized and Safe and Resilient.

More about Smart Prague concept

The Smart Prague Conception till The Year 2030 sets basic requirements for already implemented projects, those projects do not meet the need for total evaluation of projects potential and their ensuing impact nor define adequately their real merit from the perspective of successful fulfilment of the Smart Prague Strategy. Because of this in 2017 a decision was made to create a tool that would allow for such an evaluation to be applied to the needs of The Capital City of Prague. By adjusting the global Smart City Index to distinctive conditions and aim of the capital city in cooperation with the consulting company Ernst & Young the Smart Prague Index based on the abovementioned Smart Prague 2030 Conception came into being.

To know a city intimately is the basis for its effective management. Thus, the Smart Prague Index provides mapping out the initial state to The Capital City of Prague, may identify weak spots and assess novel approaches to problem-solving. By regular observation of indicators used to measure smartification of the city, the base for easily available data is being extended which are used for the city development planning and its sustainability.

Smart Prague Index graf 01


Decreasing pollution and improving
the environment (For instance, by energy and
materials consumption management
with waste being included in)


Placed on new business
models and uses materials and

Friendly and motivating

Involving city inhabitants and
interested parties including enterprise
into its projects

Digital & open

Backed by information systems
that are effectively integrated,
generated data become open data
at maximum extent

Smart Prague Index year book

Smart Prague Index

yearbook 2022

Since 2017 the city company Operátor ICT, Plc. Has been publishing the Smart Prague Index yearbook annually. By particular measurable indicators and yearly evaluation, it analysis Prague’s development follows up on trends, encapsulates the capital city successes and is a valuable source of its further development.

SPI area

How is Prague doing?

SPI maps Prague’s progress by defined indicators in six areas.

Smart Prague Index

What does it serve for?

Data Area

Independent, complex, and clear structure method

Data Area

A tool for following the Smart Prague projects implementation success rate

Data Area

Source of information for planning (heading) of suitable future projects

Data Area

An overview of the Smart Prague vision fulfilling

Smart Prague Index

How it came into existence?

The starting point during the Smart Prague Index methodology creation was 5+1 strategic Smart Prague Conception areas which suitable development is described by specific, qualitatively set, strategic goals. The goals are interpreted as general smartness expressions reflecting trends of smart cities development in a given area. Each of the defined, strategic goals is described within the SPI by particular, quantifiable indicators.

Connection of the indicators:

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Smartness Measurement

SPI & CIMI Assesment

Due to the important positions of Prague amidst the European and global network of cities, it is recommended the approach as well serving its comparison with other cities which are trying to respond to similar challenges and are comparable to Prague. For consistency reasons and simplicity, it is proposed to use key indicators annually published the Cities in Motion (CIMI) Index. The movement across the table of the cities selected for CIMI indirectly expresses movement in the relevant SPI areas for there is a correlation amidst CIMI and SPI indicators.

Evaluation by SPI and CIMI is being done every year, concerning the data availability SPI assessment is done approximately in half of the calendar year.

The CIMI ranking has not been evaluated for the year 2021.

CIMI Index


Prague2017201820192020Year-on-year change
Human capital
Social cohesion
Urban planning
International projection
Mobility and transportation
Overall ranking

SMART PRAGUE INDEX was developed in cooperation with the consulting company EY