Public Space Pedestrian Traffic Intensity

Safety and health


The aim of the pilot project is to test technologies for discovering the intensity of pedestrian mobility in public areas with the use of sensors and advanced video analysis which provide the detection of movement. Gained statistical data, from which it is not possible to identify individuals (from individual sensors and from advanced video analysis), will be transmitted to the data platform of the city of Prague (Golemio) where it will be stored and further processed according to the requirements of individual partners. For example for purposes of spatial planning, adjustments to infrastructure, modelling of pedestrian traffic, discovering business potential, tourism development, security, and crisis management.


Benefits of the project:

Data will be used for the purposes of:

  • Spatial planning
  • Adjustments to infrastructure
  • Modelling of pedestrian traffic
  • Discovering business potential
  • Tourism development
  • Security and crisis management



2020 - 2021 



Prague Institute of Planning and Development

MHMP – department of transport

Districts – Prague 1 and Prague 7

Prague Exhibition Grounds, Plc.

Prague City Tourism

Technologies of the Capital City of Prague, Plc.


Project status

Routine operation

Operátor ICT, a. s.

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