Operátor ICT Will Prepare a Strategy for Developing the Charging Infrastructure in Prague

15. 12. 2019

Prague, 11 December 2019 – The Prague municipal company Operátor ICT, a.s. was on the basis of the resolution of the Council of the City of Prague entrusted with the preparation of the strategy for developing the charging infrastructure in Prague and coordination in the area of building charging stations for electromobiles in the Czech metropolis. Next year by the end of April a strategy should be in place, which will define the direction in which Prague will go in the area of charging infrastructure.


The development of electromobility is a challenge for nearly all the world metropolis and Prague is no exception. In 2018 there were 1591 registered electromobiles in the capital city. In comparison to the year 2017 that is an increase of more than 50% in registrations of cars powered by electrical energy. It is assumed that in the following years there will be a significant exponential increase of electromobiles in Prague. Also, for this reason, the Council of the City of Prague has decided to entrust the company Operátor ICT with the preparation of a project for developing the charging infrastructure in the Czech metropolis and coordination of building charging stations. “From our point of view it will be important to come up with a strategy that will be as detailed as possible and that will be able to grasp the complexity of the charging infrastructure in Prague and to engage in the preparations all the key protagonists that are dedicated to mobility in the capital city. One of the parts of the strategy will be public charging points for electromobiles. Prague currently has 160 of them and next year we expect demand for more than 440 public charging points,” says Michal Fišer, the General Manager of the municipal company Operátor ICT, which is responsible for the development and testing of intelligent solutions and technologies in Prague.

However, the new strategy will not be built from the ground up. It will be based on key documents as is the Plan for Sustainable Mobility in Prague and Its Surroundings from 2019 or the Strategy of Support of Alternative Drive Systems in Prague Until 2030. The debates will also include experts in the area of charging infrastructure and electromobility that will together with the representatives of the city deal with choosing the right locations for the installation of the charging infrastructure, technical parameters of stations, parking or the fulfilment of the climate commitment of the capital city of Prague.

The new procedure of the Czech metropolis in the area of charging infrastructure will also be based on the concept of Smart Prague 2030 which is one of the pillars of smart Prague and defines mobility of the future that will be clean, shareable, intelligent and self-directing. “We expect that the debates will bring clear conclusions regarding the proposals of using individual types of charging stations including their deployment in Prague or a complex procedure how will the municipal electromobility in the capital city be implemented with respect to the activities of the public sector in this area,” adds to the expected outcomes of the project of charging stations Matej Šandor, the Director of the Section of Project Management and Funds that is in the company Operátor ICT responsible for the implementation of the Smart Prague 2030 strategy.

Apart from the company Operátor ICT and the Prague City Hall, the preparations of the strategy will include municipal companies like the Technologies of the Capital City of Prague, the Technical Road Administration Prague, the Prague Public Transport Company or the Prague Institute of Planning and Development.