Charging Stations Pedestals for Eletrict Cars

Future mobility


Due to the project, the number of locations and charging stations throughout Prague will increase. This measure will support the development of electromobiles as a modern and environmentally-friendly form of travel and contribute to a reduction of the emissions produced by standard automobiles. The number of electric cars newly registered in Prague is growing. That is why the established network of the charging stations will be available to the public as well as third parties, to support suitable commercial projects. Standard charging stations will be built at the P+R parking lots. Fast charging stations will be erected in the proximity of locations that are often visited by the public.



  • The growing interest in electromobility and the use of electromobiles
  • Reduction of the emissions caused by transportation, improvement of the air quality and smog situations during the winter months
  • Increased comfort of the electric car users
  • Data collection for further processing and optimization of electromobility throughout the city



2018 – 2020



Operátor ICT, Plc. – Project Manager

Prague Public Transit Company, Plc.

Technical Management of the Roads in the Capital of Prague, Plc.

PRE Distribuce, Plc.


Project status

Project cancelled

Operátor ICT, a.s.

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