Charging Infrastructure Development in The Capital City of Prague till 2030 District Plan

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The conception Charging Infrastructure Development in The Capital City of Prague till 2030 District Plan engages with the question of support for public charging and sufficient capacity of the distribution network in the Czech metropolis after connection and charging spots operation. The aim of the document is to suggest several variants of the public charging development support as an important part of electromobility development in Prague. The analytic part of the District Plan output is that the aim of the support in the first stage till the year 2025 should be securing 750 charging stations of parking charging effectuation. Till the year 2030, the target number of the stations could be increased by another 4500 stations, depending on the real number of electric cars. Prague would thus secure public charging capacity for up to 200 000 electric cars.

Altogether four types of parking charging stations connected to the electricity distribution network were composed. As the most advantageous seems to be the variant utilizing the synergy of electric distribution network renewal and street lighting electricity network in Prague for securing future connections into charging stations on the streetlights lighting, so-called EV ready lamps preparation. This was of parking charging stations connection along with the standard stations' connection directly into low voltage electricity distribution network should secure the best ratio of necessary investments with the charging spots final number. In addition, the only combination of both of these types of connections secures sufficient stations capacity for even city coverage by public charging spots.

The development of Electromobility is a challenge to which all world capitals are getting ready for and Prague is no exception. That is why the District Plan proposes five variants of support development and the city company Operátor ICT was authorized by the Prague City Council to further elaborate on the two best-evaluated variants of the effectuation and submit it to the Council: Concession and Joint Venture. The comparison will be subsequently presented to the Prague City Council for assessment during 2022.

The whole District Plan document can be read here.



  • Electromobility development in the capital city
  • Traffic emissions savings
  • Air improvement
  • Noise decrease



Operator ICT, Plc.

Prague City Hall

Prague Institute of Planning and Development, Plc.

The Capital City of Prague Technologies, Plc.

Technical Road Administration


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Operátor ICT, a.s.

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