Parking Lots in the Prague Catchment Area Data Integration

Future mobility


The aim of the project is to reduce the traffic burden on the territory of the capital of Prague by streamlining the passenger cars parking in car parks outside the city borders, targeting mainly the passengers, who use public transport to travel to the city. The main objective to achieve greater efficiency in the usage of parking spaces outside Prague is data integration of static geospatial data, static domain data and dynamic information on the capacity of parking spaces both within the city and outside its borders. This includes the possibility to make reservations and payments. All data will be transmitted in real time via data platform – Golemio into mobile applications informing drivers and passengers, mainly using the PID Lítačka app.


Project benefits


  • reducing the number of cars coming to Prague
  • streamlining the transport route of drivers and passengers
  • improvement of capacity utilization of public transport (mainly of backbone railway lines)
  • contributing to the flow of traffic and to reducing the environmental burden caused by car traffic
  • contribution of another module to the integration of transport in the Prague metropolitan area
  • reducing infrastructure wear and the associated secondary costs of repairing it through planned drivers' trips to an available parking space
  • elimination of unnecessary journeys to car parks with full capacity






Operator ICT, Plc.





Regional Authority Central Bohemia Region

The affected municipalities


The project received 53 points / 79 points in the SPI in the preparatory phase This figure is in the "SPI thermometer" for graphical representation


Project status

Approved for implementation

Operátor ICT, a.s.

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