Multichannel Check-In System for CTS

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As part of the integrated transport system, a new system is introduced that provides passengers using public transport in Prague and Central Bohemia with a comfortable and modern form of check-in. In addition to Lítačka (public transport card), passengers are able to use other user-friendly media, such as payment cards, partner cards or mobile phones, to purchase electronic tickets. Individual tickets can be bought easily and without delay, or managed via a mobile application.



  • Increased comfort for passengers using public transport
  • New check-in and ticket management options
  • New unified electronic check-in of passengers which supports integration
  • Introduction of unified check-in rules in Prague and the Central Bohemia Region
  • E-shop for purchase and administration of tickets without the necessity to go to a contact point
  • Mobile applications for the purchase of tickets
  • Usage of other media for electronic tickets (payment cards, mobile applications, InKarta)
  • Faster and more comfortable payment of tickets 



Implementation started






Integrated Transport System in Prague and the Central Bohemia Region



Operátor ICT, Plc. – Project Manager


Integrated Transport System in the Central Bohemia Region

Prague Transport Company (DPP) - Consultant

Czech Railways (ČD) - Consultant


Project status

Routine operation

Operátor ICT, a.s.

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