Mobile monitoring of selected elements of public space in the Capital City of Prague

Safety and health


During the pilot project, the possibilities of image analysis and artificial intelligence technology will be tested for periodical monitoring of the condition of the public space and its elements. Selected vehicles, moving regularly in the territory of the Capital City of Prague on various routes will be fitted with a system including video-camera sensors, GNSS positioning system, computing unit and data transmission module. The collected data will be used to analyse the situation, for example, transport infrastructure, urban furniture, parking spaces and other elements of public space.


The developed system will be able to collect the required information in regular operation, in real time and with no need for human intervention. This is possible because the system can recognize a particular element in the public space, identifies it, detects any abnormalities and deviations from the initial state and possibly evaluates the particular incident. An analytical and visualization interface will be created over the data obtained, for individual administrators of the element. Also, on the Prague data platform Golemio, static data will be displayed from selected use cases, which will increase the level of information provided to the population of the Capital City of Prague and others as well.


Cases to use a pilot project of mobile monitoring:

·       Monitoring of passage width for Emergency Services vehicles

·       Monitoring of space around containers for waste

·       Monitoring of parking vehicles

·       Monitoring of operation of waste-collection vehicles



·   Facilitation, acceleration and improvement of the public space management in the Capital City of Prague

·       Financial savings

·       Process automation

·       Increasing the security of citizens, their comfort and awareness





Major users

Prague Services, a.s.

Integrated Rescue System

ROPID (Regional Organizer of Prague Integrated Transport)

Prague City Hall

Prague City districts

Citizens of the Capital City of Prague



The status of the project

Project was approved for implementation




Project status

Project cancelled

Operátor ICT, a.s.

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