MaaS APP – Unified One-Spot Mobility Services Registration and Payment

Future mobility


Project’s main target is the develop unified registration and payment system primarily for mobility services in Prague and its catchment areas. The innovative solution will lie in PID Lítačka application functions extension (as the case may be Moje Praha) of users’ unified registration within offered means of transport ecosystem (bikesharing, carsharing, taxi etc.) and enable payment for used services from one spot. The proposed solution conceptually supports Mobility as a Service (MaaS) development in the capital city.


Project Benefits:

  • City infrastructure vital areas effective management
  • Comfort increase for inhabitants and visitors
  • Public space optimization based on data utilization



  • Operátor ICT, project manager
  • Prague City Hall



  • One-Spot PID Lítačka application registration
  • One-Spot PID Lítačka application payment



Project status

Project cancelled

Operátor ICT a.s.

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