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The project aims at solving the question of statistical traffic data obtaining about Prague means of transport traffic operation by using a high-quality tool which will be able to comprehensively ascertain crucial traffic data at most and will thus secure support for accountable traffic questions decision making. The tool must comply with basic success criterion which is being reliable. It is necessary to track traffic data 24/7 in real-time to ensure an objective and high-quality image of Prague traffic. The solution, to take the bull by the horns, is to build such a tool which will reflect Prague needs and will be tailor-made for users who work with traffic data the most.


Project Benefits:

The tool will acquire traffic data for securing high-quality decision-making for:

  • traffic infrastructure adjustments
  • landscape planning
  • traffic modelling
  • traffic smoothness and safeness increase
  • crisis management
  • traffic development as well as further whole traffic system of The Capital City of Prague preparation tracking
  • traffic-caused emission stress decrease
  • KPI for pre and after traffic adjustment comparison



2023 – 2024



Operátor ICT, Plc.

Prague City Hall

Prague 11 city district

Prague 6 city district

Prague Institute of Planning and Development

Czech Technical University in Prague

Prague Technical Road Administration


Project status

Implementation started

Operátor ICT a.s.

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