Evropská Project

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Project Evropská is a part of the project ecosystem Smart Evropská that aims to find and realise solutions that will lead to increased efficiency in managing traffic and safety on this important arterial road of the municipal district. The aim of the subproject is the installation of light barriers on crosswalks on Evropská Street. Especially in the places where the pedestrian clashes with tram transport. The number of collisions of trams with pedestrians in Prague has significantly increased in recent years and the light barriers will help to increase the safety of inattentive pedestrians on a busy street. The system will contain sensors designed to detect the movement of trams, the intensity of pedestrians and vehicles, and the surrounding environment.



  • Installation of barriers on crosswalks
  • Creating a system that manages light barriers on crosswalks
  • Installation of a sensor system


  • Increased safety of pedestrians
  • Awareness regarding the current traffic situation
  • Monitoring and recording of events in the given location
  • Pilot testing of light barriers on crosswalks

Project status

Public contract

Prague 6 Municipal District

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