Energy Savings Utilizing the EPC Method

Smart Buildings and Energy


The Institute for the Care of Mother and Child has modernized its heating system utilizing the EPC method pursuant to the corresponding approval of the Ministry of Health. The project included rebuilding of the boilers in the boiler room from steam to hot-water. New hot-water distribution lines have been installed to the newly built transfer stations of buildings A, B, C and D and of the administrative building. New panel heating units with thermostatic valves and heads have been installed. The entire system is controlled by Siemens Desigo PX regulation. It is monitored in the control room. Almost 1,000 windows have been replaced in the historically protected building.



  • Saving measures have been adopted without any large initial investments
  • Guaranteed savings due to the EPC method (repayments made from the saved finances)
  • Cost savings
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Greater building operation efficiency



Siemens, Ltd.



The Institute for the Care of Mother and Child, Podolské nábřeží 157, 147 00 Prague 4 – Podolí


Commencement date 




Reconstruction completed; the project is currently under the 15-year guaranteed period.


Project status

Regular operation

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