Cycling Traffic Intensity Tracking – Bicycle Counters

Safety and health


Bike trackers provide useful data regarding the utilization of bike paths in real-time. It is indirect support for urban cycling and it serves as one of the tools to track the fulfilment of The Conception of the Development of Cycling Transport and Recreational Cycling in Prague and as a support tool to other initiatives that are related to the development of cycling and its infrastructure in the capital city of Prague.


The tracking of the intensity takes place with the help of so-called bike trackers which are located on the backbone network of bike paths in Prague. A suitable technology records the directional passages of cyclists right on the point of measurement with the distinction of the direction of the ride. Data about the current temperature is also collected and it takes place in real-time (in 5-minute intervals). The data is collected into the Golemio data platform of the city of Prague. The data logically does not show which way the cyclists go and where they end their ride. It is a good source of information for the extrapolation of the overall amount of cyclists in the entire Prague.


Benefits for Citizens and Prague

  • Citizens have access to information about the current utilization of bike paths
  • More effective channelling of financial resources into the development of cycling infrastructure and into the support of cycling transport
  • Connection with other projects, e.g. building a sensor network which monitors the quality of the environment or with projects that are focused on tracking the intensity of other forms of transport


Available data

Number of cyclists passes for today and historical data - see Golemio Data Platform Catalog



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Project status

Routine operation

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