The ice surface and the skate park in the Gutovka complex is illuminated by energy-saving LED technology

23. 2. 2023

The Prague 10 Municipal District implemented the Gutovka Energy Optimization Model and Test System project. The project was co-financed with grant support from the Smart Cities Financial Reserve of the Capital City of Prague during the years 2020 to 2022 and involved the OICT Smart Prague team.

The Gutovka leisure complex is located near the Strašnická metro station. It is the largest entertainment centre in Prague 10. Thanks to good transport links, it is used by residents of Prague 10 and other visitors from surrounding districts. The area is free of charge and most of the facilities are free of charge, except for selected sports facilities. The operation of this area is paid for by the municipality from its own resources. The high financial intensity of the operation of the complex led to the decision to rationalise the operation, including energy and media consumption. The municipality's aim is to maintain the free accessibility of the site for visitors. In view of the implementation of the project, which has led to the optimisation and substantial modernisation of the lighting of part of the site, its operation will be more sustainable for the municipality.


The lighting fixtures were replaced above the ice rink and in the skatepark area. The new lights  use energy-saving LED technology. Specifically above the ice rink, new lights were installed with an input of 100 W (instead of the original 250 W) and 15,000 lm, and in the vicinity of the skatepark, there are now lights with the parameters of 200 W and 28,000 lm. With regard to a possible luminosity regulation, the installation above the skating rink was supplemented with an input control. Thanks to this control, further savings of electricity consumption can be achieved. The change of lighting fixtures alone translates into a saving of 60% on the electricity consumption of the ice rink and the skatepark.


Thanks to the cooperation set up between the representatives of the Prague 10 Municipal District and the representatives of the OICT, measures have been taken that save financial resources. At the same time, they also have a significant impact on reducing the negative impact of the operation of the Gutovka Leisure Centre on the environment.