How to change cities for the better with the use of data? Find out at the Prague City Data Congress in September

8. 8. 2022

Preparations for the international event Prague City Data Congress (PCDC), which will take place in the second half of September in Prague, are at their peak. This year, it will focus on climate change and will present a number of smart solutions that use data in climate protection projects, using examples from the fields of transport and public space. Those interested can register for the event now.

The fourth year of PCDC will take place on September 19 and 20, 2022 in Prague's CAMP. The event is organized by the municipal company OICT and will be once again free of charge. The format of the event will be more reminiscent of a festival or think tank than a classic conference. This is to offer sufficient space for both professional debates and practical workshops or discussions, in which anyone interested in the topic will be able to participate. Experts who are amongst the current world leaders will come to Prague.

"The Golemio data platform is, with a bit of exaggeration, the Prague jewel of the 21st century. It plays an unquestionable role in the daily management of a smart city. This has been proven especially in the two unprecedented crises through which we have successfully guided the capital city. Thanks to Golemio, we were able to monitor the number of beds in overcrowded hospitals, the number of people infected with covid-19, the number of newly arrived refugees, but also key data in the city's management in the area of ​​subsidy titles, control of public contracts, up to traffic data on traffic through the city," says Zdeněk Hřib , the Mayor of Prague.

"We decided to dedicate this year's PCDC to climate change, which has been resonating across fields on a global scale for a long time. For two days, Prague will  become a unique place for sharing valuable knowledge. Leaders in their field will show examples of how to perceive and effectively use the large amount of data that modern metropolises have at their disposal. Prague has such data available, thanks to the OICT Golemio data platform. From my own experience, I know and believe that for the correct interpretation and work with data, a modern and smart city needs a management that knows how to use the right data at the right time and in the right context,” says Tomáš Barczi, CEO of OICT, as a comment to the congress.

Benedikt Kotmel, head of the OICT Golemio data platform, which is behind the birth of the PCDC, states: "We pay particular attention to the entire event, because we want to offer visitors of the congress the most up-to-date ideas and approaches on how to make smart decisions with the help of data, manage and run not only the city. With the event, we want to support mutual meetings between experts and the public, who resonate with this year's theme. Over the past five years, Prague has made huge progress in working with data. The team that built and has been continuously developing the OICT Golemio data platform works directly for the capital city of Prague. The involvement of the city´s  own data experts in city decision-making can be an example of good practice for other cities."

A teaser from the program

On the first day of the PDCD, Monday, September 19, will include, for example, Thijs Turel, Program Manager at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute), and the Responsible Sensing Lab project: Designing a Smart City based on European values. On the second day of the congress, Tuesday, September 20, Laura Buettner from the Senate Office of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, who is an expert in the IT and Digitization Department, will present her work on creating and expanding data management for the City of Hamburg.

Registration and program

The congress will be in both Czech and English, with the evening keynotes presented only in English. The event is free of charge, all you have to do is register for it, using the form on the congress website:


Those interested can find further information on the official website of the international congress, including the continuously updated program and list of speakers, or in the newsletter prepared for registered users.