Wall boxes for State-Funded Institutions of The Capital City of Prague

Future mobility


State-funded institutions that were supported by the „Electric cars for Prague“ project a which have been taking over electric cars bought by Prague City Hall since the beginning of December 2020 have been subsequently addressed by the city company Operátor ICT with an offer secure wall chargers, so-called wall boxes. State-funded institutions are being offered a consultation along with technical inspection of respective spots and in case of interest turnkey, wall box installation secured.



Depending on particular electric car characteristics charging by wall box is more time-saving in comparison with standard power point charging. Wallbox allows for besides other things electric energy consumption tracking and contributes to increasing the effectiveness of electric car operation. It is a private charging point at the car’s parking spot. A wall box with standardized power point Type2 and charging current extension setting up to 22 kW (with 32 A / 400 V) at the same time presents a sufficiently universal solution for the near future. Amidst other wall box functions belong status data display, delayed charging start, charging history tracking, the possibility of automatic charging start after vehicle connection or after authorization charging start. Professional execution of all functions related to the installation with an initial inspection and extended warranty (up to 40 months) being included.


Benefit for State-Funded Institutions of The Capital City of Prague

  • Wallbox charging solution for electric cars feasibility check and consultation
  • The possibility of charging an electric car directly in the building where the institution resides
  • Electric car operation increased effectiveness
  • Increased control over electric car charging






Operátor ICT, Plc.


Project status


Operátor ICT, a.s.

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