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SPACE is an open multifunctional platform designed to introduce urban innovations, technological trends, the latest topics in smart cities, and Prague's latest projects to all citizens, city employees, and international guests in a fun and creative way. 

It will be an exhibition space where the public will learn more about how the city works, what challenges it faces, and how it can respond to them through a personal experience. It will be a meeting place open to anyone interested in innovation and the future of Prague – from students, startups, and local communities to international guests interested in the future of the city. SPACE is the perfect place to soak up inspiration, develop new ideas, answer questions, and spread awareness about the challenges and technology trends that can influence Prague's future for the better. 

The venue will include an Innovation Lab that will serve as a creative space for experts in urban data, innovation, and Smart Cities solutions. On-site experts will provide the expertise needed to effectively address urban challenges and collaborate with key city stakeholders to identify problems, design innovative solutions, and implement pilot projects. This collaboration enables the link between theory and practice and ensures that the Innovation Lab has a real impact on city development and transformation.

Impact of the project: 

  • Increasing public awareness of the challenges and opportunities of urban innovation and building a community around urban innovation 

  • Promoting public technological literacy and active citizen participation in the innovation process 

  • Fostering international cooperation and strengthening Prague's competitiveness 

  • Building the culture of Innovation and developing the capacity of the city's innovation ecosystem 

  • Connecting key stakeholders and promoting a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving 

  • Designing and developing innovative projects in line with Prague's needs and building transparency of the city administration 

  • Implementation of the City Council Program Statement and consistency with key strategic documents of the city: "We will create an open space that will enable Prague to promote and present the city's innovations, or Smart City projects including the data platform, to all citizens, city employees and international guests." (City Council Program Statement 2022-2026: Chapter 10, section 1.2.2.)

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