Smart Grid Set Up in The Pražačka Premises

Smart Buildings and Energy


The project’s goal is to primarily incorporate an intelligent electric power consumption control employing renewable resources in The Pražačka premises. The sports area Pražačka behind The Žižkov depot is an important power administration of The City District Prague 3 with important electric power consumption. The project thus tries to resolve the modification of the current electric micro-network of the area with several other buildings to utilize aspects of the so-called Smart Grid as much as possible.


  • Measuring tools installation 
  • Intelligent switchboards installation with an algorithm set up to assess the consumption 
  • Renewable sources of energy installation 
  • Power supply predictive model installation 



  • Asset 
  • Electric power intelligent consumption control 
  • Own electric power production 
  • Electromobility fed on renewable resources support





Project status

Project evaluation

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