RFID waste bins




The Smart Collection of Waste project, which has been in routine operation since 2020, is followed by a pilot project for RFID waste bins. Its main goal is to create a comprehensive tool for the detection of collection of top-load containers for sorted waste. Waste containers equipped with RFID chips will be detected using RFID readers located on the collection trucks. They will collect data to provide information on the actual collection of the monitored sample of containers for separated waste included in the pilot testing in the Capital City of Prague. Thanks to that, the Capital City of Prague and the collection companies will gain control over the collection actually taking place according to the set frequency. The pilot project will also help streamline the invoicing process for deliveries.



  • RFID detection of collection at top-load waste containers for sorted waste
  • QR codes as a tool for communication with the general public



  • Use of the obtained data for comparison of the set collection frequency and the actual performed collection
  • Verification of whether the sorted waste collection service for the residents of Prague is actually provided to the planned extent.
  • Easier incident reporting by scanning the QR code on the containers
  • A tool that contributes to raising public awareness



Up to 1000 waste containers






Operator ICT, a.s. - Project Manager

Department of Environmental Protection of the Capital City of Prague

Collection companies

Project status

Pilot operation of project

Operátor ICT, a.s.

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