Public Lighting Management Technologies Comparison

Smart Buildings and Energy


As a part of the project, a referential location with three similar lines of street lighting will be created in the first place. Those will be possible to operate remotely in real-time and to compare operational demands particular variants. The first line will be mounted on with sodium lights with choke ballast, the second with sodium lights with electronic ballast, and the third with a new LED technology with electronic ballast. The ballasts will be operated by a control unit. The aim will be unique testing of technology for remote control of contemporary street lights, provided minimal light modernization and infrastructure costs. The second part of the project consists of testing the communication between the power-on spot and respective lights which have not been utilized in Prague yet.



  • Controlling of particular lamps of street lighting
  • Testing of the communications network



  • A decrease in electric power consumption
  • Building up of a network with lasting feed (for sensors, radars, communicators pro for a green wave for ISS, etc.)
  • Connection with The Data Platform for controlling, data collection and analysis
  • Effective city governance in terms of its possessions
  • Projekt



4th quarter 2018 – 3rd quarter 2019



Operátor ICT, Plc. – project manager

The Technology of The Capital City of Prague, Plc.


Project status


Operátor ICT, a.s.

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