Project of the Smart City multifunctional elements in the Praha – Šeberov municipal area

Safety and health


The objective of the project is to equip the area with multifunctional elements that will support electromobility and improve the overall comfort of its visitors.

“We are located on the outskirts of the city, where people leave their cars. We have simultaneously planned a renovation of the squares in Šeberov and adjoining Hrnčíře. That is why we have made use of the invitation for the city municipal parts and planned a construction of a charging post for electromobiles and smart lamps. We have thus combines our initial plans and the offer of funds for introducing smart projects” says Petra Venturová, the mayor of Šeberov.



  • Modernization of the existing square
  • Installation of charging stations for electromobiles
  • Smart LED lighting



  • Improved comfort for the visitors of the public space in question
  • Accessible energy source for electromobiles


Project status

Preparation of the project

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