Prague Visitor Pass



The Prague Visitor Pass is a multipurpose card that will have both physical and electronic forms and will be available in several time and age variants. Tourists will be able to use it as an entrance ticket into touristically significant places (museums, galleries, zoos etc.), as a CTS ticket in The Capital City of Prague area and to apply for discounts at selected agents (circular sightseeing tours by bus or boat, guide and other services). The PVP system includes web and mobile applications, with a fully-fledged e-shop for both platforms. On top of that, the mobile application can serve as a system identifier and thus substitute a plastic PVP card.

The new touristic card business model offers marketing events possibilities namely addressing target clients, events in The Capital City of Prague area propagation which they would otherwise be hardly informed about. Likewise, thanks to the card data collection about a user will be possible (movement, preferences etc.) which can be further utilized to optimize turnout of sightseeing places, effective marketing campaigns, tourism strategies and conceptions. The touristic card has the potential to reduce the load on touristically overstrained places and draw attention to less known ones, extend the average time of stay and so forth. The new system architecture is designed to reach a higher level of synergic effects with existing systems used in The Capital City of Prague. The Prague Visitor Pass effectuation is in compliance with the SMART Cities principles.



The Prague Visitor Pass realization will lead to efficiency improvement of services in tourism area in The Capital City of Prague area, its sale should increase location, touristic attractions and services awareness. Thanks to higher potential primarily with regard to users comfort and provided services portfolio extensions higher popularity and thus saleability are expected.


Effectuation (schedule)

May 2022 – start of sales



Web, e-shop and mobile application

6 points of sale and 80 acceptance points



Operator ICT, Plc.

Prague City Hall – Department of Culture and Tourism

Prague City Tourism, Plc.


Project status

Regular operation

Operátor ICT, a.s.

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