Healthy Classroom - Measuring carbon dioxide levels in schools

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The aim of the project is to test combined sensors of CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature and humidity in the indoor environment of classrooms in Prague schools. The intelligent sensor monitors the CO2 level and detects in advance the moment when the upper limits are exceeded in the classroom and it is necessary to ventilate. The smart device not only protects students' health from high CO2 concentration in the classroom, but also helps school management reduce energy consumption. If the sensor detects that one of the set limits has been exceeded, it notifies its surroundings by means of a light indication and at the same time sends a notification to the MS Teams mobile app.


The data obtained from the sensors will be transferred to the Golemio data platform, in which a new data layer will be created, and subsequently used for analytical purposes.



·       Air temperature monitoring

·       Humidity monitoring

·       CO2 concentration monitoring



·       Improving indoor air quality and thus increasing students' attention during lessons

·       Reducing the risk of contracting respiratory diseases (e.g. covid-19)

·       Examination of a suitable method of alerting teachers and students that the permitted values have been exceeded

·       Monitoring the course of measured characteristics in connection with changes in the internal environment of classrooms

·       Prevention of uneconomical heating by checking the temperature in the rooms during non-teaching periods, e.g. weekends, holidays (if the sensor detects a temperature higher than 23°C, the relevant school staff will be notified to verify the attenuation mode setting, which is usually 18°C)



Pilot operation from October 2021 to the end of June 2022



2021 - 2022



ICT Operátor, a.s. - project manager

Sigfox – SimpleCell Consulting s.r.o.

Gymnasium Na Vítězné pláni


Project status


Operátor ICT, a.s.

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