Building Energies Consumption Management

Smart Buildings and Energy


The project aims to change the current indoor environment management and energy demands of The City District Prague 2 town hall building into an intelligent, MPC method of administration which will provide maximal comfort with minimal energy demands to the users.


The project is grounded in three aspects: 

  • The basis of the project is the effectuation of energy consumption by way of the MPC method.
  • Measuring and assessment of the quality of the indoor environment for the MPC with the outdoor environment.
  • Own ecological source of electric power materialized by a photovoltaic power plant iwth a hybrid batter disposal site with the MPC predictive function for optimal charging


By the combination of the aforementioned aspects, an intelligent ecosystem will be created which will be able to ensure indoor well-being inside the building, chiefly in terms of temperature, humidity, and air quality. Regarding the needs of the building efficiency as well as the outer conditions, mainly weather. At the same time, the whole system will be self-contained in terms of energy by using solar electric power which production will again be controlled by way of predictive manner depending on the weather forecast.



  • Intelligent ecosystem 
  • Measuring and assessment of recorded values 
  • Installation of own local renewable source of energy 



  • Preserving the optimal quality of the indoor environment 
  • Adjustment of the optimal quality of the environment from recorded values
  • Utilization of renewable sources of energy 



11/2018 - 7/2019


Project status

Project canceled

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