The installation of sensors to monitor microclimatic parameters has started

2. 8. 2022

We have placed the first sensors on a public lighting pole and two trees in the Holešovice Market. We will gradually continue installing the sensors in the other 15 locations that were selected for the pilot project in cooperation with the Institute of Planning and Development of the capital city of Prague.

Why do we install sensors directly on trees and can the sensors damage them? There is no need to worry, the sensors will not harm the trees. Thanks to the fact that the sensor is directly on the trunk and at the roots of the tree, data is obtained both about the tree and the soil around it. The sensor measures soil temperature and water potential at 2 depths, and air temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure on the trunk. Another sensor is also used to measure growth and drying, which is important, for example, to make sure the tree has enough moisture. Sensors placed on the lamp will provide data on wind speed and direction, amount of precipitation, intensity of solar radiation, and air temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure will be measured at 2 heights.

The aim of the pilot project is to test sensors for monitoring microclimatic parameters of the urbanized environment in the street space and to select the technology that will be most suitable for use in Prague. Thanks to this, the capital city will get resources for mitigating extreme heat waves and drought in the future.