11. 4. 2022

Prague Innovation Marathon #NakopniPrahu (Boost up Prague) goes to the finals. Most of this year's participants focused on environmental, community and education & sport challenges.

39 teams entered the competition with 42 ideas on how to use modern technologies and innovative solutions to improve life in Prague. The expert jury selected 12 of them, who then advance to the finals. Finalists are now waiting for further consultations with mentors and experts from the ranks of the capital City of Prague, city companies and private partners.

In the next phase of the project, the advancing teams will work on prototype solutions, a business model and a presentation for investors. They will present the results of their work to the public at the ceremonial finals on June 3, 2022, at the Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning in Prague. The three best projects will receive a financial reward of a total of CZK 100,000 and another CZK 420,000 to help implement the idea.


The jury selected the following 12 teams for the finals of #NakopniPrahu 2022:

  1. Senzorvzduchu (AirSensor) deals with the issue of air pollution and works in cooperation with secondary schools. The benefit is an increase in awareness of this issue, the impact on human health, as well as in gaining practical experience and new knowledge in the participating schools and their students
  2. reKava (reCoffee) is a waste service for cafes, companies and other institutions, within which it ensures the collection of coffee waste collection by means of an electric cargo bicycle. The organization collects the produced sediment into "smart bins" with an integrated chip, which monitors its condition and the filling of the bin. Through an application connected to a "smart bin", the bicycle driver then has an overview of whether the sediment needs to be taken to the community garden, where it will find further use.
  3. obomeow solves two problems from THMP: 1) software for automation of the illumination process on the Petřín Tower and its uploading into a controlling unit. 2) hybrid multiplatform application to display the calendar of the Petřín Tower illumination.
  4. Enviroapp targets the reduction of CO2 using alternative forms of transport (scooter, bicycle, public transport). The application increases the awareness of such targets by monitoring the user’s movement and forms of transport. Gamification ensures the attractiveness and use of the application.   
  5. Kindr connects mothers with similar interests based on the age of the child and their location. The goal of this mobile application is to make it easier for mothers to make friends, find quality support and share company in a safe environment
  6. Traffic Smart focuses on traffic jams and traffic flow using a neural network. It identifies and classifies individual road users. The optimization program then calculates the priority for prioritization of individual lanes according to the current situation and based on these data it controls the intersection
  7. Zavaděči (Navigators) address the issue of tram transport, which often balances on the edge of capacity and subsequently creates problems in the essential communication between drivers regarding the priority of entry to certain sections. With its solution, Zavaděči introduce the necessary information in a safe and understandable form by means of a traffic light near the existing turn signal.
  8. gamifit is a gamified fitness application for children inspired by sports trackers and workouts created for home use. At the same time, it brings the possibility of connection, for example, with a teacher or coach, who can use the application to give children movement challenges
  9. Nové Vysočany Nově (Nové Vysočany Newly) brings a proposal for the revitalization of a dilapidated car park into a multifunctional community garden in Nordic style. The goal is also the integration of socially disadvantaged groups and building a neighbourhood community in accordance with the strategy of adaptation of Prague to climate change
  10. blízko (Close) is a platform that addresses the anonymity of the city. This often severely limits the potential of communities. The solution is to provide Prague citizens with a space in which they can discover opportunities they have had around them for a long time but have not yet known about.
  11. Zasaď život (Plant life) focuses on carbon footprint data analysis for individuals and societies and its subsequent reduction or compensation through tree planting. At the same time, it brings the opportunity for Prague self-employers to focus on their sustainability, namely their carbon footprint. Thanks to the company's data analysis, it determines the company's carbon footprint and helps to optimize it
  12. UPMEET addresses the lack of sport in society, and the overall determination of people not to be afraid to open up to new communities, opportunities and sports experiences through a simple application. It should help the growth of communities, the creation of new sports associations, clubs and at the same time give the city the opportunity to determine the occupancy of sports venues and respond to the current situation