The PID Lítačka e-shop was launched in a new design

2. 8. 2022

Since Monday, August 1, the new PID Lítačka e-shop has been available to users. Its graphic redesign together with a responsive look offers a more user-friendly interface. Registered users log in to the new e-shop with the same login name and password, the redesign does not change any of these for them.

Purchase of long-term coupons or acquiring a Lítačka card through has been easier since August this year. The Prague municipal company Operátor ICT (OICT), which operates and develops the e-shop as well as the PID Lítačka application, emphasized clarity and user-friendliness as part of the redesign. Thanks to this, the new e-shop is a complete guide and assistance for passengers who use both Prague public transport and suburban lines included in the PID.

"Our company works on continuous improvement of technical solutions in order to provide users with increasing comfort of work. Therefore, in cooperation with transport organizers, we are also editing the mobile part of the PID Lítačka e-shop. The service is available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the number of users continues to grow. Mobile means are the easiest and safest way to buy fares anytime, anywhere, and at the same time keep control of your personal account," says Matej Šandor, Vice Chairman of the OICT Board of Directors.

"The new e-shop responds to the growing interest in mobile access to PID Lítačka services. Changing the user interface expands the accessibility and barrier-free solution, thus facilitating orientation for persons with disabilities. We also share our experience with a systematic approach to the design and implementation of mobile solutions with other contracting authorities and suppliers of solutions for the city so that solutions with a clear Prague identity are created," explains Jan Znamenáček, Director of the digitalization, application development and IT architecture section of the OICT.

The ability to manage subordinate and shared accounts also got a simplified form. Users will thus get a detailed overview of all their accounts in one place, especially the validity period of long-term coupons.

The new version of the website was launched in pilot operation a few months in advance and was available at the same time as the existing e-shop. Therefore, anyone could try out the new e-shop and provide valuable feedback before its full launch.