The PID Lítačka application will be able to provide shared mobility services. Prague launches pilot project for single registration and payment - MaaS APP

31. 8. 2022

The aim of the pilot project is to create a unique registration and payment system that will authenticate users in the PID Lítačka application for all participating mobility providers in the metropolitan area and also in the region served by Prague Integrated Transport. The pilot project will be implemented by the municipal company Operátor ICT (OICT). The contract was approved by the Prague City Council on Monday.

The outcome of the pilot project is to build, test and operate a system for unified registration and payment for mobility services. This will significantly speed up and simplify the use of mobility services in the metropolis. Users will have access to mobility services such as bikesharing, carsharing, taxi, parking, public transport, etc. within one application, i.e. PID Lítačka. The system will also enable multi-level registration, which will unify the verification of the user's identity for all participating mobility providers and will take place online and in a matter of minutes, so that it can be done at any time via a mobile phone. The proposed solution conceptually supports the creation of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and contributes to more efficient transport and the reduction of transport emissions as committed in the Strategic Action Plans.

"This is a further step in simplifying and streamlining the possibilities for the use of shared mobility services for the citizens of the capital city. The project is a further step in facilitating the use of shared mobility in the city of Prague. By connecting all participating providers with Prague Integrated Transport within one PID Lítačka application, the use of alternative modes of transport will be significantly facilitated for all citizens of the City of Prague, and this is how it should be in a modern developing city," says Zdeněk Hřib

In practice, the user will make a single registration, planning a route, choosing a means of transport and paying directly for all the services used by the participating providers in one mobile application. The current situation is that users have to use individual service provider apps or other standard means of fare payment for each mode of transport.

"With this project, we want to meet the needs of people who use a combination of a shared bike and tram or a taxi and scooter to travel in Prague. We want to offer them a significant innovation so that they do not have to pay separately for each part of the journey and do not have to use several applications and accounts for which they have to register separately. We believe that a single system will be attractive to people and help to change travel habits towards sustainable mobility. The operation of the system also has the potential to generate mobility data that can be further applied in planning the development of transport and services in Prague," says Petr Suška, Director of Smart City, Innovation and Project Management at OICT.

The pilot project will have 4 phases and will last 28 months. "The first stage will focus on the detailed development of the system architecture, which will be based on mutual functional and operational requirements. The development of software for single registration and payment for mobility services and subsequent integration into the PID Lítačka application is part of the second stage. The third stage will be devoted to the actual testing and the final stage is intended for trial operation," adds Vojtěch Štěch, OICT project manager.