Smart Cities concept projects in Prague are very successful. The Municipal District Ofiice of Prague 7 succeeded

18. 5. 2022

The project Integration Platform for Case Management in the Social-Health Area (CaseMan) of the Municipal District Office of Prague 7, which also includes the website Praha 7 helps – you are not alone and on which the Smart Prague team collaborates as part of the implementation of Smart Cities concept projects in the metropolis, won 1st place in the Zlatý erb competition in ‘the best website’ category. The project also includes a new online system which digitizes social care.

In practice, this brings two big benefits for both citizens and the office. The somewhat opaque social system will open up to people and they will find out more easily what they can apply for and what possibilities the social system offers them. It will enable officials and social workers to improve and more closely interconnect their own coordination in the provision of social services. Thanks to the digitization of the social care system, a new internal and public part of the application was created.

The internal part of the application significantly simplifies administrative tasks within the office, improves the transfer of information and the management of more complicated processes that require the involvement of various departments. An example can be the issue of social housing, which requires a quick exchange of information and smooth cooperation between the Contact Point for Housing, the Social Department, the Housing Commission, the Property Department, the Legal Department, the municipal management company and – in the case of special purpose apartments – the care centre.

The website will become a public part of the system. Any citizen of Prague 7 can set up a profile here and apply for available social services. This way, they will no longer need to go around the offices and fill out forms. If the request is granted, the officials can directly suggest and plan the specific times when the service will be provided to the citizen in the application. Another example of using the new application is a request to borrow a compensatory aid. The system allows the interested party to directly show the range of aids, including images and descriptions, as well as their availability.