Representatives of OICT and other city organizations competed together at the UniCredit Prague Relay 2023

28. 6. 2023

Representatives from Operator ICT (OICT), Prague City Hall (MHMP), and other municipal organizations, such as Prague Technology (THMP), Technical Administration of Communications (TSK), and Institute of Planning and Development (IPR), came together to form seven teams that successfully completed the prestigious running event - the UniCredit Prague Relay 2023 on a 4x5km track.

The UniCredit Prague Relay 2023 not only became a significant sporting event but also demonstrated excellent team spirit and collaboration between the capital city and municipal organizations. The teams composed of representatives from these mentioned organizations showed tremendous effort and deserve great praise.

The team spirit displayed during the race is an example of how strong and unified Prague's municipal administration can be. We look forward to more (not only sporting) events that await us together.


116th place, time 1:29:59 - Team of City Companies 2

216th place, time 1:34:30 - Team of City Companies 5

246th place, time 1:35:42 - Team of City Companies 4

353rd place, time 1:40:14 - Team of City Companies 1

446th place, time 1:44:29 - Team of City Companies 6

644th place, time 1:55:19 - Team of City Companies 3

654th place, time 1:56:14 - Team of City Companies 7