Remote meter data keep an eye on Prague's energy costs

11. 9. 2022

The municipal company Operátor ICT (OICT) will ensure the continued operation of remote metering technology for heat, electricity, gas and water consumption in Prague. This will provide Prague with a continuous overview of its energy and water consumption. Data from the meters will be simultaneously collected and managed by OICT for analysis to reveal deviations in consumption from the standard. This follows from the contract, which was approved by Prague councillors at the Monday meeting.

The provision of remote energy and water metering services follows a two-year pilot project "Comprehensive energy management in City of Prague buildings using energy management". The project was completed this spring and successfully tested the use of remote metering technology in municipal buildings. In the course of the project, a sample of twenty buildings identified, among other things, several opportunities for adjustments to contracted energy parameters, which resulted in total annual savings of almost CZK 700,000.

OICT will also provide data collection from the installed meters, database operation and data analysis. As a result, both the city management and especially the building managers will have continuous control over energy and water consumption. The outputs from the measurements will be used by the City of Prague to further develop the implementation of energy management in its buildings and to provide its know-how in this area to the municipal districts.

"OICT has extensive experience with energy management projects and shares the knowledge from their implementation. The operation of remote energy and water metering technology provides very good quality data. Based on this data, it is possible to objectively adjust consumer behaviour and save energy costs, which is one of the key measures in times of energy crisis. Regular monitoring of energy and water consumption and subsequent consumption management, i.e. energy management, is facilitated by the clear and illustrative graphical outputs we have created over the data base. Deviations from the normal situation will be visible at first sight" says OICT CEO Tomáš Barczi.

Building managers can view hourly graphs of energy and water consumption to accurately assess why specific energy consumption is occurring and analyse anomalies compared to the normal state. "They can almost immediately identify possible water leaks, optimise electricity consumption and the efficiency of heat production for heating and hot water. Regular evaluation of energy and water consumption, especially nowadays, is also an opportunity to adjust contracted energy parameters such as daily reserved gas capacity, distribution rate, reserved electricity capacity," says Stanislav Krňák, who is involved in energy management projects at OICT.

The technology for remote data collection from invoicing and secondary energy and water consumption meters as well as the technology for temperature data collection is already in operation in twenty-one properties of ten organisations established by the City of Prague: the Secondary School of Automotive and Informatics, Weilova; the Gymnasium Na Vítězné pláni; the Music School of the City of Prague; the Jedličkův Institute and Kindergarten and the Primary School and Secondary School in Prague 2; the Observatory and Prague Planetarium; the City of Prague Museum, Home for the elderly of Eliška Purkyňová; Home for the elderly Malešice; Home for the elderly Chodov.

The project is supported by the OCP Department of the Prague City Hall, specifically the Energy Manager Department.