Prague Introduced an Information Web about Vaccination to the Public

26. 1. 2021

The Capital City of Prague in cooperation with city company Operator ICT and DDB Prague agency prepared a complex information campaign about vaccination against the disease COVID-19 for Prague inhabitants. The basic tool will be the information web Its visitors will find there answer to crucial questions about vaccination prepared together with specialists from the field of health service. Another aim of the web is to debunk misleading or false information which is spreading all over social media.

We feel the need to provide all necessary information about vaccination to people in a well-arranged manner and one place. Since our Government missed not only vaccines securing for the riskiest groups as well as spreading awareness about the vaccination itself. To let people truly decide they have to have enough relevant information. I would like to thank DDB Prague agency which provided is with a visual style of the information campaign that is to be introduced to the public in February,“ says The Capital City of Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib. 

Visuals that are about to appear in the 2nd stage of the camping during February will have one common informational link referring to the return to normal life before the pandemics. The first pack of visuals will cover family, entrepreneurship and education motives. Further, the campaign will work with sport, travelling and culture motives.  

We are approaching the critical stage of the fight with the pandemics where alongside health risks we are waging a fight with disinformation around vaccination. It is our duty not to leave citizens behind all those conspiracy and disinformation campaigns that aim at slowing down common, free life as we know it before the coronavirus pandemics. Since the pandemic’s outbreak, the Government has been underestimating communication with the public. The Government announces, prohibits, orders, but explains nothing. In Prague, during the first wave, we did successfully implement a Help-line for senior citizens or information and booking web interlinked with sampling spots and now we continue in communication with the public,“ states Mayor’s Deputy for Safety Petr Hlubuček.

I would like to thank the senior doctor Hana Roháčová from the Teaching Hospital at Bulovka which kept an eye on the correctness of frequently asked questions about the vaccination. I believe that this information will help many undecided people in Prague. The key is to help the oldest people. On the web, people will find an assistance line for senior citizens 800 160 166 which is operated by the city in cooperation with state-funded organization Život 90 (Life 90) a thanks to which we help senior citizens above 80 years of age with registration and term booking in the Central Booking System. Except for the central system, we continue in cooperation with the Czech Red Cross and City Health Centre Prague in senior citizens and other critically endangered groups of people at home and social services and further at inpatient health care departments.

So that the city would get a better picture of the way how Praguers approach the vaccination, we let the MEDIAN agency process public opinion polls. „We want to provide people with the possibility to decide based on hard data, no impressions or fake news which thanks to particular former or present politicians have been spreading all over internet and media. The web thus contains a whole dedicated section devoted to disinformation rebuttal and in which we cooperate with city organisation Prague Innovation Institute,“ adds Zdeněk Hřib.

The public opinion polls by the MEDIAN company showed that approximately 65% of Praguers is interested in letting themselves vaccinated. The most frequent motive is own health protection, health protection of close ones and relatives and the vision of returning to normal life. Roughly 40% of Praguers thinks that they lack enough practical information about vaccination. This they would like to receive from a transparent web page. Further, they are interested in for instance a phone call with a practising physician or leaflet in their mailbox.

By vaccination spots’ overview, we follow previous experience with web pages, which provides an updated list of testing spots in Prague and the Central-Bohemian Region. There is a long-term interest in the service, daily the web is visited by 5 thousand people on average. Also in the case of the web we count on that we will continuously fill in the information and thus develop the service for the public,“ adds Michal Fišer, General Manager of the Prague city company Operator ICT, Plc. 



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