Prague will test the smart waste bins system in the city center

16. 7. 2017

Clean streets, savings related to less often waste collection, reduction of emissions from the garbage trucks. These are the main benefits of the smart waste bins of a timeless design, which the municipal company of ICT Operator installed on Náměstí Republiky Square and at Na Příkopě Street as a part of the pilot testing this week. The system consists of 25 mixed-waste bins with an internal compression unit driven by solar energy, which compresses the inserted waste in regular intervals. As a result, the bin can absorb up to four times more of waste. Each bin also communicates online with the collection planning system and reports when it needs to be emptied in advance.

Citizens and visitors of the capital will also appreciate the fact that the bin is closed (especially during hot summer months). Collected waste thus does not stink and does not attract insects, rodents or birds. Waste is also protected against being blown around in windy conditions. 

A six-month testing process will monitor the usability of the smart waste bins from the perspective of maintaining the city clean and it will determine optimal frequency of their installation in our conditions.