Nakopni Prahu 2023 continues. Winning teams are supported by project managers from OICT

16. 8. 2023

Just a few weeks after the #NakopniFinále, representatives of all three winning teams gathered for an introductory meeting and each team was assigned its own project manager. "The project manager was selected based on his expertise. The goal is to make the topic close to everyone involved. The first steps of project support led to getting to know each other, setting a vision and defining a realistic, yet ambitious, goal for the next six months," explains project manager Viktor Beneš, who works with the muuv team.

The winning team Waste Digital with the Occulus Bee project wants to place an AI-equipped sensor in a public space and use it to monitor and evaluate the cleanliness of sorted waste container sites. The Food Database student team aims to reduce the amount of gastro-waste from school canteens, thanks to the creation of an attractive menu database for the consumers, which will facilitate the selection of food and make it easier for the cooks to create menus. The project called muuv wants to develop map materials containing barrier-free routes for people with reduced mobility.

Thanks to the project support, the winners can benefit from the work of project managers from OICT's Smart City department. They scheduled consultations and tasks for the next six months. The project managers will thus be available to the teams until the end of the year and will help them with the correct direction of the project so that they come as close as possible to the set goals. "Each team is different, so their approach is also different. But they have one thing in common, and that is a great commitment to joint cooperation. All teams want to push the idea forward and improve it. And that's what I enjoy about it - working with people for whom this is more than just work," adds Viktor Beneš.