Installation has begun of smart benches

29. 5. 2017

The first specially equipped bench has been placed - in Anděl, in the street Štefánikova, in front of St. Wenceslas´s Basilica. The inhabitants of Prague and its visitors can now not only relax here, but also charge their phones or tablets, connect to the Internet, learn about the current air temperature and humidity, and the amount of CO2 in the air. All this is driven by clean electric power generated through solar panels.

Before the summer holidays, another 9 smart benches will be installed throughout Prague, for example on the following squares - Míru, Karlínské, Puškinovo, Dejvické – and on the street Dejvická. A map with the locations can be found here.

The smart benches come in different types (some include an emergency button connected to the Integrated Rescue System). These will be tested for six months as part of a pilot project. On the basis of the subsequent evaluation, Prague City Hall and its municipal districts will decide whether the benches will be installed in other parts of the city as well.