How to easily pay for parking in Prague? One click directly in the PID Lítačka application

20. 2. 2023

The municipal company Operátor ICT (OICT) in cooperation with the Technical Administration of Communications of the Capital City of Prague (TSK) has extended the PID Lítačka application with additional functionalities. In the last week of January, the users of the PID Lítačka application were able to test the function of direct payment for parking in paid parking zones. People travelling around Prague by car can now pay for parking directly in the PID Lítačka app. Simply with a click of a button, just like buying a ticket or a long-term coupon in the PID Lítačka app.

People who travel around Prague both by public transport and by car will be able to pay for everything within one app using a credit card, Apple Pay or now Google Pay. In the app, it will be possible to clearly manage the license plate number of cars, set notifications for the end of parking validity, simply extend it or safely store the payment card for subsequent payments "on the click". Of course, users can not only view a map of the paid parking zones, but they can also use the app as a navigation tool to guide them to their parking location. The new feature, which makes it possible to pay for parking in paid parking zones in Prague directly in the PID Lítačka app, has been available to users since version 3.9.4 for iOS and 3.9.3 for Android. Until now, it was possible to pay for parking via redirection to a third-party app.

"Everyone can now easily and smartly park in the city via the PID Lítačka app. Just download the app on your mobile and select one of the payment methods. This is another important step in the digitalization of services offered by the city to its residents," says Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of the Capital City of Prague.

"Already now, paying for parking via mobile apps is becoming increasingly popular instead of machines. We want to make parking more comfortable for drivers and make it more attractive to transfer to public transport. At the same time, the app makes it easy to extend parking without having to return to the vehicle," says Adam Scheinherr, Deputy Mayor for Transport.

"By developing the application with a new function, we continue the trend of continuous improvement of the mobile application, which is a fundamental element of the regional transport check-in system. This allows us to continuously develop and improve the app to make it as user-friendly as possible and to ensure maximum benefit for users," says OICT CEO Tomáš Barczi, adding, "The ability to pay for parking directly in the app is another step towards our goal of making the PID Lítačka app a universal tool that will facilitate transport in the metropolis and its surroundings. During this year we would like to introduce another innovation, which we are intensively working on. It is related to the optional extension of the possibility to find the optimal route by combining different means of transport and modes."

Travelling around Prague? With the PID Lítačka app you have an overview of Prague transport

The PID Lítačka mobile app is a complete guide to transport in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. It allows you to search for current transport connections by location, it also recommends the type of ticket you need for your chosen journey, and it is possible to save your payment card in the app and buy tickets safely, conveniently and whenever you need to with a simple "click". All users of the app can purchase and then upload a long term time coupon to their mobile phone and only have to present themselves at the transport control via the mobile phone screen. The app can also be used without registration.

What else does the PID Lítačka app offer?

Other useful features. These include finding the fastest connection, including closures and restrictions; displaying a map of the connection, including navigation to the stop; purchasing a ticket in advance with the option of activating it later; and forwarding an inactivated ticket to another person who can simply activate it themselves. In addition, the PID Lítačka application provides an overview of nearby stops, passing lines and points of sale. A number of notifications can be set up in PID Lítačka, such as alerts about closures and emergencies, expiry dates of tickets and vouchers, or news in transport.

The app is available for download for Android on Google Play and iOS on the App Store.