Get-to-know-Smart-Prague. The capital presents modern technology to children

8. 5. 2022

Prague, May 8, 2022 – How to awaken children's interest in smart solutions, technology, innovations and happenings in the city? Offer them a fun program! And just such, under the name Poznej chytrou Prahu (Get-to-Know-Smart-Prague), started on Saturday, May 7, in the Království Železnic (Kingdom of Railways) in Prague-Smíchov.

The entertaining and educational program, which was prepared by the city's Operátor ICT (Operator ICT) company in cooperation with the Království Železnic (Kingdom of Railways), is suitable for children aged 6 to 11 and shows in a playful way how modern technology and various innovative gadgets work in the capital city. The mascot of the Smart Prague project office, the robot Prageek, will guide the children through the program. There is a so-called experience map prepared for them on the spot, where a number of questions are waiting for them dedicated to, for example, smart traffic signs and wastebins, electromobility or sustainability. The opening was attended by children from children's homes, who thus had the opportunity to be the first to go through the Get-to-Know-Smart-Prague program and also to view the attractions of the entire Království Železnic (Kingdom of Railways). Get-to-Know-Smart-Prague will become a permanent part of the program in the Království Železnic (Kingdom of Railways).

"Curiosity in children needs to be supported, thanks to which we can discover their talent and arouse interest in further education. In this case, about modern technologies that help to shape modern cities. And the experiential form is very functional. But I think that the program can attract not only the children themselves, but also their parents, who may then want to get involved in the events in the city," said the head of the council of the Capital City of Prague for education, sports, science and business support Vít Šimral.

"Kingdom of Railways is an ideal partner for our experience map, as most children love both train travel and model railways. In a non-violent way, thanks to the connection with public transport, we will also strengthen the relationship to ecology and sustainability. I will be happy if, in addition to the experience of the exhibition, the children take away new knowledge and the desire to further explore information about the city and life in it, because for the city management, city data is the key to making the right decisions," said the chairman of the Committee for IT and Smart City of Prague City Council Jaromír Beránek.

"OICT is a company that implements projects focused on smart technologies and innovations especially for the metropolis. Therefore, I would like children to learn about this field as well, because the importance of technology will continue to grow. And besides, children are our future. In the program, for example, they will learn how a smart wastebin 'knows' that it is full or what smart brands inform about," added Petr Suška, director of the Smart City, innovation and project management section of the OICT.

The Království Železnic (Kingdom of Railways) in Prague-Smíchov is the largest model railway exhibition in the Czech Republic. It shows different regions and their typical landmarks. The tracks have a total area of ​​almost 600 m2, are crafted on a scale of 1:87 and naturally combine the imagination of modelers with reality. At any given moment, 80-90 passenger and freight trains run along the line. These are complemented by cars, trams, a cable car and even a Prague metro station. In addition, there are a number of other attractions on site. The total area of ​​the exhibition is 3,500 m2 and a visit of at least 2-3 hours is recommended.