Five years of the Smart Prague Concept. This was the main topic of the 24th meeting of the Smart Prague Work Group

7. 9. 2022

The workshop to mark the five-year anniversary of the Smart Prague Concept took place on Wednesday, 7 September 2022, at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre. As usual, it was attended by members of the Smart Prague Work Group from the ranks of city companies or representatives from the university environment.

The aim of the meeting was mainly to discuss and evaluate the five-year Smart Prague Concept. Those present had the opportunity to, for example, express their views on how they perceive the ability of their organisation to participate in the implementation of the Smart Prague Concept and the benefits of the implementation of Smart City projects in the conditions of the City of Prague, whether they welcome the regular meetings of the Smart Prague Work Group or how they evaluate the cooperation between city organisations and the City of Prague in the field of innovation implementation. They also talked about how they benefit from sharing good or bad practices in the implementation of pilot projects, how they evaluate the final reports of the OICT and how they feel about financial support from the City of Prague in the implementation of innovative projects.