Data platorm golemio and smart prague were part of this year s hacker camp

7. 9. 2023

Three hundred people from the Czech tech scene met at the Hacker Camp at the turn of the month. Among them were also representatives of the Smart Prague department and the Golemio data platform. During the three days spent in nature among the Brdy forests, they shared valuable experience with the other campers - and not only from the world of technology.

Each of the participants of the event took part in the program at the same time. The head of the Golemio data platform Benedikt Kotmel also contributed to the panel, which was dedicated to data and data analysis, with his lecture. He followed up on the previous speakers with information about how data is used in the capital and presented key projects of the Smart Prague department. At the end of the lecture, there was also a classic round of questions and answers.

One of the topics that resonated at this year's Hacker Camp was artificial intelligence. Participants shared advice on how to work with AI and in which areas it can significantly save people work. But the debate was also about AI and ethics. There were also lectures on sabbatical, mindfulness, marketing & communication, or how to find a start-up idea for the next unicorn. Days full of technology, panels and sports were then finished with great music every evening.