A new generation safe crossing operates in the Prague 5 district.

15. 8. 2022

The Prague 5 Municipal District has implemented the project of the New Generation Safe Crossing in Jinonice at the intersection of V Zářezu and Puchmajerova Streets. The project was implemented with the subsidy support of the City of Prague from the Smart Cities financial reserve for 2017.

Thanks to this support, a safe crossing was created, which consists of so-called smart lamps with built-in sensors that detect the presence of pedestrians planning to cross the roadway after the crossing and approaching vehicles. It also includes LED traffic signals built into the roadway of the crosswalk that inform approaching drivers of pedestrians crossing with pre-set light signals. The information is obtained by a microwave sensor that uses algorithms to determine whether a person is planning to cross the roadway at the crosswalk.

The system has an emergency SOS button, which the citizen can use to call for help in an emergency situation. The crossing also features technology that senses the volume of traffic using an infrared camera and provides free Wi-Fi internet access that can be used by those waiting at a nearby bus stop.

The systems allow the current traffic condition to be determined by sensing the intensity and using the latest technology and intelligent systems to process this information in real time.