Waste Logistics Low-Carbon Solution in Prague 1



The objective of the project is to find a new, innovative solution for waste collection from company operations in Prague 1. Such a solution should optimize waste collection from the moment its occurrence is reported until it is actually collected.

The project will be implemented within the frame of the capital of Prague, utilizing low-emission, low-carbon and noise-free vehicles, with the stipulation that it will not represent an emission load (harmful substances, noise) for the surrounding municipal parts at the time the waste is collected for further processing.



  • Development and testing of vehicles with low-emission, low-carbon and noise-free parameters and with specific parameters for securing municipal logistic needs on the premises of the capital of Prague
  • Limiting the time, during which the waste stays on the streets in front of individual company facilities, in which case it pollutes the unique historical center of Prague 1 - i.e. reducing the time between the waste occurrence/placement and its collection and removal



  • Reducing the need of the existing standard collection trucks to enter the historical center of Prague 1
  • Reducing emissions and noise produced by the existing waste collection trucks in Prague
  • Reducing wear and tear of the roads in Prague 1, arisen as a result of the existing standard collection trucks entering the area and of the use of vibration presses for waste compression



till December 31, 2020 



Municipal Part Prague 1 



Technical Management of the Roads in the Capital of Prague, Plc. 

Prague City Hall


Project status

Project canceled

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