The Škoda Palace Indoor Navigation for Citizens

Safety and health


The aim of the project was to test an innovative approach for visitors’ orientation and movement around the Škoda Palace who visit this building with the aim of paperwork handling operated by the Prague City Hall staff members.



  • Easier orientation and movement of visitors
  • The possibility to be navigated directly to respective workplace per staff directories
  • Navigation by particular paperwork
  • The possibility of navigation to points of interest
  • Exit navigation after papework settlement per building exit selection
  • Path selection per various types of visitors respecting their physical dispositions
  • Updated office hours information



4th quarter of 2017 – 3rd. Quarter of 2018 (52 weeks)



Škoda Palace; Jungmannova 35/29; Praha 1



Operátor ICT a.s. - manažer projektu; Magistrát hl. m. Prahy / jednotlivé odbory (Odbor služeb, Odbor bezpečnosti, Odbor informatických aplikací, Odbor personální, Odbor medií a marketingu)


Pilot Project Assessment:

Project end report about gathered information within piloto projetct operation is available here.


Project Current State

The project was moved to so called cut-and-dry operation, meaning the indoor navigation was perserved in the Škoda Palace premises in full scope.


Project status

Routine operation

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