The Ecological System of Wastewater Usage



Annually The Central Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP) at the Imperial Isle in Prague disposes of about 75 000 tons of sewage treatment sludge from wastewater. This sludge is regularly removed by storing or burned. The implemented project introduces a technological measure which will modify this organic waste matter for its regressive utilization in agriculture. Especially in the times when thousands of tons of topsoil vanish every year from our field due to erosion, this implementation will help to protect the soil in the Central Bohemian Region as well as in Ústí nad Labem Region. In the course of the procedure, biogas is produced thanks to which electric power is fabricated and ÚČOV building is heated.



  • Transformation of waste material into organic fertilizer
  • Fabrication of electric power
  • Production of heat for the operation of CSTP



  • Enrichment of topsoil for organic matter, essential nutrients, and trace elements
  • Betterment of physical, chemical and biological traits of soil enriched by modified sludges
  • Increasement of enriched soil fertility
  • Reduction of artificial fertilizers on the treated fields
  • Increasement of soil water holding capacity thanks to a higher percentage of organic material
  • Significant reduction of electric and heat power consumption for CSTP compound



The Central Sewage Treatment Plant at The Imperial Isle



Prague Water Lines and Sewerage, Plc.

Farming enterprises in The Capital City of Prague, Central Bohemian Region, and Ústí nad Labem Region


Project status

Feasibility study

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