SSA Traffic Dependent Management Development

Future mobility


The primary objective of the project is to improve passability through Prague and its immediate proximity, i.e. to reduce the emission load and delay times. Traffic will be optimized in a complex manner using an automatic system that creates professional support for control management. This system will include a module of learning algorithms for mechanical solution optimization.



  • Adding special strategic traffic detectors to selected areas for securing individual control functions in the given area, not only with the traffic status information function
  • Proposing logical conditions and implementing algorithms based on the traffic in the given area and surrounding areas for an efficient reduction of the delay times and also of the emission limits
  • Accident detection thanks to adding suitable, non-intrusive detectors, utilizing the existing power supply and data transmission infrastructure for improving the management of alternative route proposals etc.
  • Securing equipment for monitoring the existing and new ITS systems in the city for making the given management and service more efficient and thus faster eliminating and preventing risk situations caused by the given technology. 



A benefit of this project will be represented by a complex optimization and traffic control along the surface and underground routes in the capital of Prague and its surroundings. Some of the concrete benefits include:

  • Improvement of the passage times through given areas based on the control that utilizes a global model for a given area, set by an algorithm that responds to individual traffic parameters
  • Adding other important detectors for control, detection and recognition of accidents at a given area, making sure the proposed algorithms can be used for modifying the control process for other alternative routes or for activating individual control optimization interventions that lead to the minimal delay time gradient at a given area
  • Reducing fuel consumption and emissions based on control optimization not only at the actual intersections with traffic lights, but also at a given defined area, including relations to other technologies, such as tunnel structures
  • Improving efficiency of individual telematics systems, their documentation and transparency, using a selected GIS-based SW application for fast viewing, searching and administration (significant time savings during service interventions)
  • Integration into the city central management for making the provision of information, control interventions, sensor adding and their upgrades more efficient (positive impact on the city management, reduction of emission loads, etc.)



January 2018 to January 2020 



Technical Management of the Roads in the Capital of Prague, Plc. 

Prague City Hall


Project status

Approved for implementation

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