Smart Prague Centre, SPACE – Innovation Leeway

Safety and health


The centre will serve for sustainability development and support within the Smart Prague concept till the year 2030. It has two aims. One is the Smart Prague projects Incubator and the latter is SPACE showroom creation. Unique leeway where the Capital City of Prague projects from the Smart Cities are will be planned and at the same an unrivalled presentation environment and Smart Prague technologies display will thus be created. The centre will provide hinterland for the team implementing innovation management services in the Smart Cities are and the showroom for innovation and gatherings of all stakeholders in the Smart City are and general public. A place will thus be created which will meaningfully support both the city’s self-containment and its inhabitants and at the same time will represent the Smart Prague concept to its visitors and partners.



  • Hinterland creation for the Smart Prague projects realization
  • The Smart Prague concept focused on active work with continuously mounting new ideas and impulses development
  • Own space for work with new topics
  • A meeting point creation for the Smart Prague area innovation projects supporters
  • The Smart Prague brand spreading and publicizing in the area of modern technologies and artifical intelligence.



Operátor ICT, Plc. – project manager

Prague City Hall


Project status

Project cancelled

Operátor ICT, a. s.

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