Smart compression waste containers



Waste containers for recyclable waste interlinked via the Internet; disposed of objects will be automatically compressed and when the container is full, an integrated sensor will notify the waste collection company. The waste containers are powered by batteries that are recharged by PV cells using solar energy.


  • Compression of disposed waste
  • Signal sent to waste collection company when container is full


  • Maximum utilization of waste container capacity
  • Tidy city
  • Waste collection cost optimization
  • Reduced burden on the environment
  • Collection of data for further processing and public space optimization


As part of a six month pilot project, up to 30 waste containers will be placed in public areas in the centre of Prague. On the basis of the subsequent evaluation, Prague City Hall may expand or modify the project.


2nd - 4th quarter 2017


30 bins


Náměstí Republiky
street Na Příkopě


Operátor ICT, a.s. - Project Manager 
Prague City Hall/individual municipal districts 
Prague Technical Administration of Roadways (TSK) 
Waste collection company in the district

Pilot traffic evaluation

The project end-of-life report and the lessons learned during the implementation of the pilot operation are available HERE

Project status

They're in streets!


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